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Monadnock 2021

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Mount Monadnock

Troop 146, a scouting group in West Hartford, CT, is a diverse and inclusive community where scouts educate scouts through applied learning and fun activities, while building character and preparing leaders for today and the future. It's a place that is committed to one and other's achievement and expanding opportunities.

We meet Thursday evenings from 7:15 - 8:30 PM at the West Hartford United Methodist Church on New Britain Avenue. Come by and check us out to see if we're the troop for you.


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Mount Monadnock - Around the first weekend of November, Troop 146 comes a knocking...Mt Monadnock'ing, that is. This year 22 brave scouts and adults traveled to Jaffrey, New Hampshire to test out their camping gear in below freezing temperatures and hike one of the most traveled paths in New England. On a clear day, you can see more than just fall foliage, but buildings in Boston (70 miles) and Mt Washington (200+ miles). Wowz'ahs!!

Fall 2021

Traditions are a great way to help scouts and parents bond and at the heart of 146's culture. You can go to our Traditions page to get a full listing of our more notable traditions.   

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Heading into the fall Troop 146 will be holding both in-person & virtual meetings, while still observing safety best practices. See calendar for more details. Scout leaders will continue to monitor and re-evaluate the COVID-19 pandemic situation, and will keep parents and scouts informed of troop activities.

Each fall members of Troop 146 sets their sites towards New Hampshire. Mount Monadnock has become a tradition for 146 and can be enjoyed by both old and new scouts. In a little over a couple hours scouts can hike to the summit and experience nature at its best. On a clear day hikers can see the skyline of Boston and Mount Washington.  

Here are some other fun facts about this majestic mountain. 

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